Specialized iron and steel works Alliance Service was founded in 2000.

The company sells own products to a number of enterprises in Ukraine, as well as exports goods and alloys to European and Asian countries.
Our products are consumed by over 50 plants and factories. Among them: largest integrated iron-and-steel works of the country, Illyich and Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, as well as world automobile manufacturers: "HONDA""TOYOTA" and "MITSUBISHI".

In spite of the global recession and domestic volatile situation and crisis, our enterprise managed to continue production process, and most importantly to retain highly skilled staff!

Up to date we have mastered the production of cast-iron ware, steel products, non-ferrous and alloys metal goods; recycling of aluminum scrap into high-grade alloys.



  • Iron casting from gray, alloyed and high-grade cast iron;
  • Steel casting from carbon and low-alloyed steel;
  • Brass, bronze and aluminum castings;
  • Secondary non-ferrous metals.

Production specialization:

Single-unit and small-scale production of goods from 10 g to 1000 kg by the following casting methods:

In green sand molds; (from 0,1 kg to 1000 kg)
In chill molds; (from 0,3 kg to 80 kg)
Lost foam casting (from 0,03 kg to 100 kg)
Lost foam casting (from 10 g to 2 kg)
In centrifugal casting machines (from 5 kg to 30 kg)
Production of high-grade aluminum alloys (standard and against order)


Products range: more than 1000 units.

Advantages of cooperation with our works:

  • We are the real constantly developing producer;
  • We can produce exclusive and individual orders;
  • We will select the most convenient delivery method for you.

We are looking forward to cooperation and long-term mutually beneficial relations.

Production facilities and warehouse are located in township Dymer, 22B Vyshneva Str., Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region.